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Poux qui comme moi trouvent que quand même, il est essentiel, voire indispensable de lire les paroles d'une chanson avant de décider si on l'aime ou pas.

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore écouté l'album et qui s'autoriseraient quand même éventuellement à lire le contenu avant de l'entendre.



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Imagine holding Planet Earth
In the palm of Ur hand
With no regard 4 Ur place of birth
Or claim to any land
The only thing between us now
Is the truth we understand
If Planet Earth was in the palm of Ur hand

50 years from now
What will they say about us here?
Did we care for the water
And the fragile atmosphere?
There are only 2 kinds of folk
And the difference that they make
The ones that give and the ones that take

Just like the countless bodies
That revolve around the sun
Planet Earth must now
Come in2 balance with the one,
That caused it all 2 B
Then we'll C His kingdom come,
So shall it be written, so it shall be sung

Imagine you could rid the Earth
Of anyone you choose
Which ones would you need the most and 
Which ones would you lose?
Do we want 2 judge another
Lest we B judged too?
Careful now... The next one might B U


Imagine sending your 1st born
Off 2 fight a war
With no good reason how it started
Or what they R fighting 4
And if they're blessed to make it home
Will they still B poor?
Pray 4 peace right now and 4ever more

(Chorus) x 2

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(Oh Yeah)

Uh uh

Gettin' dirty at the club again
Usually round Ur waist like a chain but then,
I got that call so I jumped in my car
I love U baby... But not like I love my guitar
Uh uh... Not like I love my guitar... No

U couldn't do it all by Urself
U had 2 go and get somebody else
Ur high enough to call me but U can't reach the bar
I love U baby... But not like I love my guitar
No... Not like I love my guitar

I tried 2 warn U that it's hard 2 B a star
Especially when Ur driving other people's car 
Wwoulda gave U mine, girl, but U took it 2 far
I love U baby, just not like I love my guitar
Not like I love my guitar

I know U love me and U wanna B friends
And if U don't at least U need 2 pretend
We're still 2gether even if we don't get that far
I love U baby... But not like I love this guitar
I love U, I love U baby... Not like I love my guitar

I love U baby and I wish U well (I wish U well)
I'll write a letter when I learn how 2 spell
Until that day, U can jog(?) the... (laugh)
I love U baby.... U know the rest

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I know U're out there
I can feel Ur eyes on me
Seen that face a thousand times
If only in my dreams
I know U really want me
I can feel Ur hands on me
I really wanna touch U 2
In a way I'm much 2 shy 2 speak

& even tho I am all alone
4 what it's worth
U're somewhere here on Earth

And I like it

I know U're out there
I can feel U getting closer 2 me
I'm just wondering what U're waiting 4
U know I am free
In this digital age - U could just page me
I know it's the rage, but it
ust don't engage me
Like the face-to-face...
U wanna do this at Urs, or my place?

It's been so long since I
een with somebody
Like a million years
But now U're here on Earth

U're here, U're here

[Renato piano]

Somewhere here on Earth
And I like it, I like it


I know U hear me
Like a whisper in Ur ear
U don't have to fear me
U'r everything I hold so dear
I know U already love me
U're probably just 2 cool 2 say
Somebody somewhere put U down
But that's o.k., that's o.k.

Cuz whenever U feel, it's time 2 heal
No more Hurt As long as I'm
Here on Earth

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I know I ain't the first to tell ya
I sho bet I won't be the last
I know Ur in a hurry baby
So let me make this fast

I got a lotta money
I don't wanna spend it on me
I like pretty thangs
U're just as pretty as U can be
So if U ain't busy later
And U want some company
I ain't trying to be a hater
I'm the one, the one, the one U wana C

Look around U baby
U know U've seen it all before
Every nickel in this club lookin 4 a dime
Nothing less nothing more

2 tall 2 be talked down 2
2 over it 2 be put under
Any spell a blind fisherman could cast
That's why I came like thunder to tell U


(3rd verse)
U don't need 2 fix ur hair
4 somebody U don't care 4
U don't need 2 shave Ur legs
If it ain't me that's knocking at Ur door
I know U ain't a concubine
I know U ain't a 1 nite stand
I don't wanna waste Ur time
If U wanna get creamy
I'm the one U wanna C

Oh the one U wanna C baby
Oh the one U wanna C
I'm the one U wanna C

Coming on U like thunder
I'm the one U wanna C

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I’ve heard it said my lovers look alike
Could it be that I was looking 4 U
They were cool but something wasn’t right
They had me fooled 4 a minute and then I saw the truth

None of them got what it takes
2 B a future baby mama
Gotta bend in the wind, but don’t break
2 keep your man
Show me 1 of them and I'll make her mine
With no more drama
Future baby mama

I’ve heard it said that I won’t treat U right
(U know that ain’t right babe)
But they ain’t sure ‘cos they don't know nothing about U
(U know what U want baby)
U’re too secure to ever want to fuss and fight
(That's right)
That’s why Ur man never ever got a reason 2 doubt U


Yeah I know U might be fine but I’ve seen it all before
Cinderella was a waste of time and oops she’s out the door
To build a house together the thing that matters more
Is under the floor
A strong foundation that last forever more

I want to make you happy, baby,
(Oh yes)
Happier than happy itself
(Oh yes)
U know what?
If you’ll ever need a hand, call me I’ll help
‘Cos I got U, anywhere U wanna go, uh
(Oh yes)
Paris, London, Africa, San Lucas Mexico, U C,
I know what U want,
What every good woman wants
A man so in love with you
He can’t help but to flaunt U
Deep down I know what U want
You want your girlfriends to hate U
'Cos they can't get Ur man


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Mister, mister,
Love U mister

Come on

Call Mr Goodnight
He'll make U feel alright
Make U throw Ur head back and holla
So nice, so nice
Better not tell Ur girlfriend
U can try with all Ur might
Just can't keep a secret
'Bout goodnight, goodnight

Hey, baby, hey baby, hey, baby, sitting all alone in my courtyard
Lookin' as if U have every right
All over the world they call me Prince
But U can call me Mr Goodnight

Surely the dandies that escort U places
Imparted a rumour or 2
About the parade of lovely faces
That follow me ... surely they do?

What say U 2 that, lips so inviting
It's all I can do not 2 stare
What say U 2 them, past, present and future
That U don't care (I don't care)

If so, U'll be the first, and I'll give u the keys
2 the whip of Ur dreams, alright?
All over the world they call me Prince (yeah)
But U can call me Mr Goodnight


Now I don't wanna put to U 2 sleep with a bunch of chatter
And a rap that really don't matter
But now that U know who I am U need 2 make plans
And all Ur other pennies should scatter (scatter)

A limousine about 2 pick U up
And then took U 2 a private jet (2 fine) (yeah)
And then U gonna meet a little Spanish man
Who will offer U wine and Moet

In an hour or 2, U'll be taken to a suite
That will rock all Ur wildest dreams
And on the bed 3 dresses 2 choose 1, pick 1
Then U get a call from me (ring)

Tell me which dress U chose
So I can put on, put on my matching suit
All the real guys hold Ur hands up
U know how Mr Goodnight do it


I love U baby
I don't want nobody else

Call Mr Goodnight (U can call him) (any time at all)
Call Mr Goodnight (yeah, yeah, yeah) (I love U mister)

MP3: Mike Philly in the band like jams at midnight
Before the main attraction U'll see
Slow it down somewhere here on Earth
Just 2 check how ur reaction be

And if ur heartbeat goes up a notch or 2
There ain't no telling what I might do
I got a mind full of good intentions
And a mouth full of raisenets (better not tell U)

We can watch 'Chocolat' on the big screen
Before we convene in the pool (yeah)
The waterfall'll wash Ur cares away
Already I love U, I do


The energy in this field's been known to flicker lights, aye
A slip O' me with no rest, acapella moans and a break of sighs (goodnight) (call, call)
Undeterred nevertheless a masterpiece on butterscotch thighs (call, call)
Turn off the lights, turn off the lights
It's time for Mr Goodnight

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Because I turned my eye toward U
Because I seek your hand
Every other woman envies U
And me, every other man

A massive circle of jealousy
Is coming round again
Those prickly fingered scallywags
That masquerade as friends

Make a promise this very night
That they will no longer pose
A threat to either 1 of us
Then let the chapter close

For all the midnights, in the world
This 1 will serve us better
If U choose to be my girl

Like Susan's petals
A wonderful life, the 2 of us shall lead
The children of the future've all the
Spiritual food they need

The secrets that the 1s before
With grace, they've come and shown
2gether with love 4 1another
We shall make them known

With the love and happy days
I number the grains of sand
Writing 12 times ever more
If I could be Ur man

Amethyst and rubies
Crystals and black pearls
I trade them all, just to spend with U
All the midnights, in the world

All the midnights, in the world

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A model....... Used to be a role model

I dunno
Come on Chelsea!
I dunno
Come on (Uh-huh)

Ah, go ahead now Chelsea! Go ahead now!
Uh, this for Jersey right here.
Go ahead now!
(Ah, ah, ah, ah)

Chelsea Rodgers was a model
But she really rocked the role, yes she did
Kept her tears up in a bottle
Poured them out to save Ur soul

Ask her what she liked the most
She said, she liked to talk to Jimi's ghost, Ow!
Fantasy, or bragger's boast (This girl is fly)
Chelsea's fly, like coast to coast (Mmmm)
Hollywood or Times Square
If the party's fly, my girl is there (yes she is)
Earth boots on and flower in her hair
21st Century hippy, Chelsea don't care


Try to catch her if you can (Come on now together)
You never see her with one man (Uh, a brother got to jump n the water)
Cuz they must be baptized, according to the master's plan,
B4 she gives up the good thang
Go ahead Chelsea! (Go ahead Chelsea!)

No blood diamonds, and designer chic (Uh, no-no!)
'Cause she's too original from her head down to her feet U
Can Hate if U want to - Chelsea don't eat no meat
Still got butt like a letter C - Go ahead Chelsea! (Go ahead Chelsea!)


Go ahead Chelsea!
(Speak on that horn)

Come on
Next to her they's just a fool.
Chelsea read more boox than a few
Like Moses was a Pharoah in the 18th Dynasty *
And Rome was chillin' in Carthage in 33 BCE
And the day that we stop counting, we'll live as long as a tree
Go ahead Chelsea, teach me! Go ahead Chelsea.

Make a promise to your higher self,
Get true knowledge then the fame and wealth
Then U won't be chasing nobody's ghost.
Of everything, make the most (Come on!)

(Chorus) x 2

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Sitting on the floor of an all white room
Feeling like the color blue
Thinking about the words that I can use
2 get this through 2 U

A million mistakes and then some
I've made with the words B4
I probably passed my expiration date
But still I adore U... Adore U...

Looking 4 the NRG 2 take U there
The place's that U wanna go
Knowing if I do, U'r fully aware
The press will turn it in2 a show (A show)

Everyone expected this outcome 
Still they jump around with glee
I Guess should be happy but I'm still not
Sure that U realy love me...

Love me... Love me... Love me... U love me...

Like the Lion of Judah (Judah)
I Strike my enemys down
As my God is living
Surely the trumpet will sound
There was 1 who will stand by my side
Through the good and the bad
Let that 1 stand with pride
The best that I ever had

Like the lion of judah

Driving away with a smile on my face
The Wind blowing thru my hair
Wondering how U'll feel when U find out
How much I really care (I care)

Hoping that the tears roll down Ur face (Down Ur face)
When Ur body grasp who we R (Who are we?)
2 gypsy bandits who only by grace
Came 2 be a star
(A superstar)
A star
That's what we are...


Like the Lion of Judah (Judah)
I strike my enemys down
Like the lion of judah (Judah)
Surely U....gonna hear the trupet sound
Hear the trumpet will sound

Lion... Judah... Judah...

The Lion of Judah

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(Come with it)

The main problem with war
Is that nobody ever wins
The next generation grows up
And learns how 2 do it all over again.

No matter who started the argument
Just matters how each one ends
How many people really want resolution ?

The main problem with people
Is they never do what they say (They say)
1 minute they want peace (Want peace)
Then do everything 2 make it go away

Dropping bombs on each other
In the act of saving face
Tell me now people how is that resolution ?

Either U do or U don't
Either U will or U won't
Making amends (Make amends)
Is a difficult pill 2 swallow

What can we lose if we try ?
With no water, a flower dies
With no1 2 lead resolution will follow

(Ohh, Yes it will)


Love is like a circle
No beginning and no end
A broken heart will mend
If U love it like Ur best friend

Handle Ur heart with care
It's as delicate as a wing
When the storms come again
Pray for resolution

Either U will or U won't (Either U will or U won't)
Either U do or U don't

Will U want resolution ? (Either U do or U don't)
Come On eveybody
All over the world (La,la,la,la,la)
All over the world (Do,do, do, do, do)
Tell me
How many people really want resolution ?

Transcript by OpenBook, HQ


Conclusion :

Après ma 3ème écoute, j'ai beau chercher, je ne vois ni album faible, encore moins un manque d'inspiration, et bien entendu absolument pas une merde.

Lire et vérifier les transcriptions de chanque chanson m'a permi de mieux rentrer dans l'univers de chaque chanson et d'en comprendre enfin le propos. Il y a énormément à dire et cela fera l'objet d'un autre article.

Mr Goodnight reste ce soir, pour moi, l'erreur de casting de l'album. Je développerai plus tard (je vais encore me faire des amis je sens).


J'ai un truc à vous avouer, j'ai triché avec Planet Earth, j'en suis au moins à ma 6ème écoute, mais bon j'ai une excuse en béton, elle me renverse complètement, musicalement c'est ce que j'attendais depuis longtemps que prince me (re)fasse.

Révélation de la soirée Somewhere Here On Earth. Je vous invite à comparer les paroles de l'album avec celles du Live : le jour et la nuit. On est passé d'un beau titre avec des lyrics un peu cryptiques (j'avais du mal) à un masterpiece d'écriture sur la solitude amoureuse.

Je suis bluffée par ce texte.

Sur ce je vous salue bien bas et vais de ce pas goûter un repos bien mérité.


Peace. BLR

p.s. vous ne m'en voudrez pas, pas d'illustration pour cet article... Il est vraiment trop tard.

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ju2 20/08/2007 15:48

Bonjour à tous, mille merci à  toi Bhan pour ces paroles !Juste une petite remarque concernant "ALL THE MIDNIGHTS IN THE WORLD", il m'avait semblé à l'écoute que les paroles étaient "... Like Zuzu's petals, a wonderful life..." et non "Like Susan's petalsA wonderful life....". Cela semblerait logique car il s'agirait alors d'une référence au film "La vie est belle" ("Its a wonderfull life", film de Capra dans lequel James Stewart conserve dans sa poche des pétals de roses donnés par sa fille Zuzu qui est malade, ces pétals symbolisent dans le film la réalité qu'il a perdu en souhaitant n'avoir jamais existé ! ) Mais je m'égare ;0)))Meci en tout cas, comme toi, j'aime connaître les paroles des chansons ;0)))

MplsMike 02/08/2007 04:19

No Problem.....
By the way love your sight


MplsMike 28/07/2007 08:41

Thanks for giving me credit on the transcript lyrics Mr.Goodnight.......
But i transcripted..Lion Of judah / Resolution at the org
lol ... :)

bhanlarouge 28/07/2007 13:39

Well, I've picked the info on HQ... And anyway now I am replacing the lyrics transcripted by those published by
Thanks for your work anyway. Well appreciated.
Cheers. BLR

Southeast 12/07/2007 23:50

bonsoir a tous

ayant écouté uniquement les six premiers titres de l\\\'album d\\\'une oreille assez distraite avec un son assez mediocre je n\\\'ai pas vraiment d\\\'avis definitif mais il semblerait dors et déja que ce ne soit pas la catastrophe annoncé par beaucoup (enfin il me semble...)

concernant rock&folk qui est un excellent canard dont je ne fais pas une bible et avec lequel il m\\\'arrive
d\\\' être en desaccord , je pense que bien peu de mensuel arrive a ce niveau de qualité que ce soit en france et même ailleurs... je conseille vivement a certain ou certaine de s\\\'y plonger de temps a autre...

a+ les amis

martial 12/07/2007 19:06

bien envoyé nadjd merci a toi, peace.