BET After Party - 25th june 2008 (am)

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Dr Funkberry nous avait prévenu, et effectivement elle a eu lieu cette petite sauterie.

Que peut-on en retenir ?

- le retour de Franck McComb dans les parages,
- la montée en puissance de Ledisi *,
- Maxwell en guest, on n'attendait plus son retour (quel bonheur),
- Turn Me Loose incorporé à la setlist,
- de nouvelles reprises au catalogue.

A part ça, quoi de neuf ?

Prince serait bel et bien en train de travailler sur un nouvel album (news repérée par Jumpy dans la presse allemande - je lui laisse le soin d'en donner p)lus de détails dans un commentaire).

Prince’s BET AfterParty At 77 Exclusive Review
by drfunkenberry

Whatta Night! In True 77 Fashion, we recieved last-minute confirmation that the BET Afterparty was ON!

The party started jumping well after 1 A.M. Frank McComb, backed by members of the NPG, set the soulful tone on Rhodes and vocals with a stunning rendition of Stevie’s “Ribbon In The Sky”. Ledisi took center stage for her song “In The Morning”, backed by Marva King & Shelby J.

Much of the night was “77 Karaoke Style”, with Prince handing lead vocals to Maxwell and others on classics such as “Superstition” and “Come Together”. The NPG tore up the Earth, Wind, & Fire smoker “Mighty, Mighty” and kept things funky with “Stand” and the new Prince tune “Turn Me Loose” and a chugging jam of “Everything is Everything”. A guest named Frederick amazed the crowd with THE SICKEST harmonica playing we’ve ever heard! He made that thing speak, scream and growl like no one else.

By daylight, a small group was still laughing it up in the theatre room, having so much fun, it sounded like they were watching a Dave Chappelle DVD. (Dave was many of the A-list guests at the party last night.) This is what parties should be like… good vibe, great music, and lots of laughs. We hope 77 keeps ‘em coming.

(OK, so what’s a deeper shade than green? Well, whatever it is color me that in envy. These parties so close to my backyard is killing me. Sounds like a really great time. Thanks again to our no-name reporter for sending this in and painting us a picture.-Dr.FB)

*   *   *

Un autre rapport ayant été publié le 5 juillet 2008 vient de paraître (thx papaj sur HQ):

July 5, 2008 - Saturday

PRINCE’s BET afterparty hosted by: The Honey Collective...
Category: Blogging

Woooosshhh!!!!! It was a music lovers Heaven! Just the right vibe...quaint, intimate and FABULOUS! Ooooohhh HONEY where do I start?
How about at the entrance...

Guests entered thru a beautiful rod iron gate fit for a PRINCE, where a purple plush carpet covered the steps into PRINCE's mansion. The hallway leading into the kitchen smelled of Gardenia...aaahhhh beauty!!!! The party was hosted by the HONEY Collective & began in the kitchen area where PRINCE's chef Barbara and staff prepared delicious finger foods...the finest red and white wine was flowing, a beautiful mix of people were mingling and anticipating the magic they were all invited to be a part of...

Ok so here's the part where Ur probably wondering who was in the House...yea? Ooooouuuu HONEY...Weeelll...Talib Kweli, Dave Chappelle, Maxwell, Frank McComb, Anthony Hamilton, Cee-Lo and his entourage, the talented and beautiful choreographer Fatima Robinson, J*Davey, Ledisi, Taja Seville and of course the 3121 band...along with a handful of invited music lovers and friends.

After an hour of mixing and mingling, PRINCE invited us all downstairs into his "play" room...the "house band " was set up and we all knew we were about 2 go on a musical journey!!! PRINCE started jammin' on his guitar, Shelby J. & Marva King got on the mic as we all anticipated the take off.....

PRINCE and his band started jammin' and he created a magical space for an open mic session that blew us all away! Shelby J and Marva King, PRINCE's back-up singers, Honey, when they start singing them soulful harmonies and PRINCE starts hitting those mesmerizing chords on his's the Bizness 4real 4real!!!!! PRINCE played a medley of songs, everyone from Michael Jackson, The Gapp Band, Sly & The Family Stone 2 name just a few... tons of Funk and Soulful Classics, U know That good grown folkes music. He at one point switched from his guitar 2 his keys and played a beautiful gospel tune that really moved us all. Shelby J. took 2 the mic & sang Mary J's "Happy"..Ooooohhh Shelby ate it up!!! Ledisi got on the mic and sang "In The Morning" over "Summer Madness" Anthony Hamilton with his rich beautiful voice fit for a grown mans soulful classic tune, graced us with "Can't Hide Love" Marva King sang Chante Moores "Love's Taking Over" Maxwell closed his eyes and crooned soulfully with a free style over Stevie Wonders "Superstitious". Mr. Cee-Lo arrived in the middle of the Jamm session...Rashida and Shelby instantly grabbed him 2 get on the mic 2 sing and in his ATL drawl, Cee was like "Naaaawww, I just walked in...Daaaannng!" Then he looked up and saw Prince playing behind his heart mirrored keyboard and was like "Aaaaauuuhhh Sssshhhh" and proceeded 2 get on the mic...Lol! Cee-Lo would've made Stevie proud... he sang "Superstitious" in his country swagg ya'll know what I'm talkin' about...Chuuuuuch, the way that only Cee-Lo can do...what a treat!!! Frank McComb sang Stevie Wonders "Ribbon In The Sky" and did it JUSTICE...Oooohhhh Honey...wish u could've been there!! You could feel that all the Artist in the house felt so privileged & honored 2 sing and jamm with PRINCE.

After the jamm session, DJ Rashida took us home and played a mix of Deep House and Soul...Pevin Everett, a lil Chaka Khan, Jdavey...perfect way 2 close the session. We all went upstairs and shared some laughs, talked about the performances of the evening & indulged ourselves in some healthy sweet treats served on platinum trays prepared by Barabara.

It was sooooo wonderful 2 see & hear PRINCE jammin' and sharing his LoVe, gift, home and light with all of us!!! We all had a blast and another amazing memory was created that will be with me for my lifetime!!

In the kitchen, Dave Chapelle kept us entertained, it's like ur just waitin' 4 him 2 say somethin' funny. Comedians must have it hard...It's like... no, you don't get 2 be serious...Lol!...He's funny even when he's bein' serious. It's his voice, the way he tells a story. U just can't help it! Lol! As the guest began 2 leave, a small group of us were invited 2 stay and we watched the BET Awards...yes, Prince had it Tivod on his BIIIIIIGGGG ol Tv screen in his movie!! Eque and Kweli left, they both had an early flight to NY....Rashida, myself and Shelley along with Brook and Jack of J*Davey, Shelby J, Donielle and Prince all took delight in watchin' our beautiful people doin they thang....loved, loved..Alicia Keys 4 supportin' her sisters SWV, En Vogue and TLC!!! We laughed all night 'til our sides were sore....we were all like a bunch of kids talkin' loud and laughin' til we cried....

PRINCE suggested we eat breakfast and lead us back upstairs to the kitchen....

Whenever Shelby is in the house and we're there, the night isn't complete unless she whips up her delicious cheese eggs (Shelby's such a DIVA).....mmmmhhhhmmmm....Barbara on pancakes, Shelby on cheese eggs, Hollaaaa (inside joke) Lol!!...The sun was up & it was time 2 say goodnight. We all walked out of PRINCE's royal glass doors, onto his Purple Plush carpet that lead to his beautiful cobble stone driveway...hugged one another and got into our cars. We were all aware that we had been a part of something very special! Yes, we had been served royally and left more than SATISFIED!!!!!

PRINCE, your LOVE is King!! We Thank you!

Peace. BLR
elle se produira à Montreux le 13 juillet en guest de Herbie Hancock et Chaka Khan.

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jumpy 30/06/2008 15:02

Bon voila la trafuction de la partie importante de



"In Rapperswil werde ich mit drei der besten Holländer Funker und drei Amerikanern, mit denen ich gerade an der neuen Prince-CD gearbeitet habe, auftreten. Wir spielen mein Repertoire, aber auch einige Songs von Moon Baker, die mit uns in der Band ist und ein eigenes Album hat. Und natürlich gibts einen Prince-Song, an dem wir alle gearbeitet haben"
"In Rapperswil je vais faire une performance avec les 3 meilleuirs musiciens hollandais de funk et 3 americains, avec qui je viens de travailler sur le nouvel album de prince. On joue mon repertoire et qqs de moon baker... Et biensur il y aura un prince-song, dont nous avons tous travaillé dessus."
Le reportage n est pas anscien puis qu elle parle de la coupe d europe de foote que les suisses ont perdues et le concert a ete le 29.6.08.
Voila, a+

bhanlarouge 30/06/2008 20:32

Aaaah mon Jumpy, je savais que tu n'hésiterais pas à nous faire le lien, je te remercie au nom de tous les internautes qui visitent le site.

Peace. BLR

Izabel 29/06/2008 22:16

Euh... je parlais du "77"...ce n'est peut-être pas un club où a eu lieu cet aftershow ? Oups ! un émission TV peut-être ? HELP !!Bye !

bhanlarouge 30/06/2008 20:05

Il me semble à moi que c'est ainsi que Dr Funkberry nomme la maison de Prince, mais je fais peut-être erreur ?

Jérôme 29/06/2008 15:41

Oulala... Erykah Badu... j'y étais aussi. Kelle claque ce concert. Du grand n'importe-quoi mais avec une ambiance électrique que je n'avais jamais rencontré ailleurs... Très bonne nouvelle pour Maxwell en effet. Je suis pas certain que le retour de Frank-liebig(pure soupe)- Mc comb me réjouisse... c'est la premiere fois que je post un truc ici, j'en profite pour remercier la propriétaire des lieux (Eye love what U've done with the space) pour son travail. Heureusement qu'il y a des gens comme toi sinon on en serait réduits à scruter la page noire de pour des "infos". Bises à tous (mais surtout a Bhan, c'est ma préférée)

bhanlarouge 29/06/2008 17:53

Merci pour ton message sympa... Ça fait chaud au coeur.
Alors comme ça tu n'aimes pas Franck McComb ?
Je n'ai pas d'avis, à moi il me semblait qu'il était plutôt bien sous tous rapports, ce garçon.
Par contre ce qui m'avait surpris en 2005, c'était de le voir dans le groupe de Prince.
Car il a suffisament de talent pour ne pas avoir à jouer les faire-valoir.
Suite au prochain épisode, nous verrons bien...

alienamour 29/06/2008 14:43

Oui, Erykah, c'était sublime. Mais presqu'aussi sublime, cette news sur Maxwell, le revenant que j'attends depuis si longtemps. Sa présence montre qu'il est pas mort, au moins, le bougre. Erykah la dernière fois puis maintenant Maxwell, tous mes héros jouent avec mon Prince, il ne manque + à cette liste, Marcus Miller et N'dambi.

bhanlarouge 29/06/2008 17:51


supercalifra 29/06/2008 00:54

J'ai acheté cet après-midi un magazine avec un supplément 30 pages sur Prince aujourdhui (MUSIQ magazine). Ca m'a au moins permis de voir qu'il y avait un concert de Erykah Badu ce soir. J'en reviens. :)

bhanlarouge 29/06/2008 11:44

Tu n'aurais pas un train de retard ? LOL

Ce concert d'Erykah Badu était programmé depuis longtemps ! Bon ça avait l'air sympa à ce que je vois.

Quant au magazine, j'en ai pas fait l'article, vu que tout le monde est au courant depuis au moins une semaine, on en a parlé dans les commentaires de l'article précédent.